Pizza Delivery Downtown Dartmouth Halifax - Franchise Info

Snappy Tomato is a strong, growing brand that is committed to provide entrepreneurs with a simple business model, strong brand and ongoing support. Snappy Tomato will provide all franchises with ongoing training, ongoing research and development of new products as well as continuing marketing resources.


Pizza Delivery Downtown Dartmouth Halifax: It’s Different!


Snappy Tomato is one of the most admired brands and is committed to provide speedy pizza delivery Downtown Dartmouth Halifax to make sure that no one has to wait for the ordered food item for long. We serve the tastiest, cheesiest and saucy pizzas, customized just for YOU!


Pizza downtown dartmouth Halifax: Be a part of our ongoing development projects


Snappy Tomato is enthusiastic about opening branches in other corners of the city. So, we welcome franchisees so that we can expand our business and let you enjoy the best Italian pizzas in Halifax, Canada. We encourage you to be a part of our ongoing research to make your favorite Italian snack tastier. We welcome you to join us and be a part of developing new products, be it pizzas or burgers or just any other appetizers.

Your support is appreciated to make Snappy Tomato the premier brand. Our motto is to reach out maximum food lovers in Downtown Dartmouth Halifax and feed them with the most delicious and gluten free pastas, pizzas, burgers, garlic fingers, wraps and panzerottis.

Come join us… be a part of our success!